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the history

Taurus Fine Foods is an official parner and  distributor of black caviar from the Aquatir Complex. The Aquatir company is the largest production complex in Europe. And one of the few producers in the world that offers real Russian Sturgeon and Beluga caviar

Sturgeon complex «Aquatir» is a unique industrial enterprise on breeding sturgeon fish species and getting black caviar of Sterlet, Bester, Russian Sturgeon and Beluga. Cultivation of fish takes place in recirculated system, thus any influence of external factors is excluded. We apply the latest achievements and technologies in sphere of sturgeon breeding that makes our enterprise perfect and ecologically safe and allows getting production of high quality that corresponds to all international standards.

We’re not only in the caviar business, we are caviar lovers.

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  • Caviar of Beluga

  • Russian Sturgeon

  • Caviar of Bester

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    Caviar of Sterlet


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Classic caviar doesn’t pass any thermal treatment; shelf life is 4 months.
Following the classical caviar production traditions, we use only salt, no preservatives or additives.
Packed caviar undergoes light thermal treatment, while retaining all its useful properties.

100% Natural

The sturgeon complex “Aquatir” is, first of all, a team of highly qualified professionals focused on the solution of daily issues.

Without GMO

Distinctive feature of our black caviar is that we use only salt and no preservatives, antibiotics, GMOs. Depending on the wishes of the consumer the content of salt in caviar can vary from 2.5 to 5%.

No preservatives

 Our caviar is produced using the classical and traditional caviar craftsmanship, which ensures the quality of caviar recognized throughout the world.

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